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Comparative risk assessment of residential radon exposures in two radon-prone areas, Ştei (Romania) and Torrelodones (Spain) Original Research Article
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Carlos Sainz، نويسنده , , Alexandra Dinu، نويسنده , , Tiberius Dicu، نويسنده , , Kinga Szacsvai، نويسنده , , Constantin Cosma، نويسنده , , Luis Santiago Quind?s، نويسنده ,
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دوهفته نامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2009
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Radon and radon progeny are present indoors, in houses and others dwellings, representing the most important contribution to dose from natural sources of radiation. Most studies have demonstrated an increased risk of lung cancer at high concentration of radon for both smokers and nonsmokers. The work presents a comparative analysis of the radon exposure data in the two radon-prone areas, Ştei, Transylvania, (Romania), in the near of old Romanian uranium mines and in the granitic area of Torrelodones town, Sierra de Guadarrama (Spain). Measurements of indoor radon were performed in 280 dwellings (Romania) and 91 dwellings (Spain) by using nuclear track detectors, CR 39. The highest value measured in Ştei area was 2650 Bq m− 3 and 366 Bq m− 3 in the Spanish region. The results are computed with the BEIR VI report estimates using the age-duration model at an exposure rate below 2650 Bq m− 3. We used the EC Radon Software to calculate the lifetime lung cancer death risks for individuals groups in function of attained age, radon exposures and tobacco consumption. A total of 233 lung cancer deaths were observed in the Ştei area for a period of 13 years (1994–2006), which is 116.82% higher than expected from the national statistics. In addition, the number of deaths estimated for the year 2005 is 28, which is worth more than 2.21 times the amount expected by authorities. In comparison, for Torrelodones was rated a number of 276 deaths caused by lung cancer for a period of 13 years, which is 2.09 times higher than the number expected by authorities. For the year 2005 in the Spanish region were reported 32 deaths caused by pulmonary cancer, the number of deaths exceeding seen again with a factor of 2.10 statistical expectations. This represents a significantly evidence that elevated risk can strongly be associated with cumulated radon exposure.
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Risk , EC Radon Software , Radon exposure , Lung cancer
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Science of the Total Environment
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