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Respiratory allergies on the staff of the police force
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Carmela R.N. Corraoa، نويسنده , , Alfonso Rocac، نويسنده , , Maurizio Agolinia، نويسنده , , Francesco Tomeib، نويسنده , , Alessandro Cordellic، نويسنده , , Antonio Farullaa، نويسنده ,
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روزنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2001
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The aim of the study was to evaluate respiratory allergies of an occupational nature in the staff of the police force. Five hundred and eighty-five subjects were submitted for lung function tests by dynamic spirometry. Subjects with a history of respiratory symptoms and border line respiratory function underwent bronchial provocation tests with methacholine. If FEV1 was 80%, a bronchial reversibility test was performed. Allergic tests Žskin and RAST. for inhalating allergens Žperennial, seasonal and occupational. were performed. The results suggested asthmatic symptoms in 57 subjects, eight of whom were positive to skin and RAST tests for occupational inhalating allergens. Among these eight subjects, three had FEV1 80% of the theoretical value without therapy, and five showed obstruction of small caliber airways ŽMEF 25, MEF 50, FEF 25 75 65% of the theoretical value.. The analysis showed a low percentage of respiratory occupational allergies. Among 21 subjects positive to Dermatophagoides, seven worked as archivists. In these workers, a concomitant occupational cause for the symptomatological and functional pattern was established.
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occupational asthma , Lung function test , Inhalating allergens , Police force , Respiratory allergies
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Science of the Total Environment
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