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Influence of chitosan and NaCl on physicochemical properties of low-acid tuna oil-in-water emulsions stabilized by non-ionic surfactant
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Utai Klinkesorn، نويسنده , , Yaowapa Namatsila، نويسنده ,
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ماهنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2009
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An influence of low molecular weight (LMW) chitosan on physicochemical properties and stability of low-acid (pH 6) tuna oil-in-water emulsion stabilized by non-ionic surfactant (Tween 80) was studied. The mean droplet diameter, droplet charge (ζ-potential), creaming stability and microstructure of emulsions (5 wt% oil) were evaluated. The added chitosan was adsorbed on the surface of oil droplets stabilized by Tween 80 through electrostatic interactions. Such addition of chitosan at different concentrations (0–10 wt%) to emulsions showed slight effect on the mean droplet diameter. However, the degree of flocculation was a function of chitosan concentration assessed by emulsionsʹ microstructure and creaming index. The impact of chitosan on the strength of the colloidal interaction between the emulsion droplets increased with increasing chitosan concentration. The mean diameter of droplet in emulsions increased with increasing NaCl because of the electrostatic screening effect. The addition of LMW chitosan could be performed to create tuna oil emulsions with low-acid to neutral character, as well as various physicochemical and stability properties suitable for health food products.
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Tuna oil emulsion , Physicochemical properties , LMW chitosan , Tween 80
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Food Hydrocolloids
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