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A Case Report of the Three-Years-Old Girl with Unilateral Amastia
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قنبري ، زهرا نويسنده , , شكوهمند، رعنا نويسنده ,
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فصلنامه با شماره پیاپی 0 سال 2013
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Since breasts are the symbol of femininity, deformation or lack of the breasts greatly impairs the mental quality of life for the female patients. Psycho-sociological importance of this issue, has caused many studies to work on breast implants (1,2,3,4). Amastia is a rare condition where the breast or nipple is absent. Amastia can be due to: congenital, teratogen exposure, injuries sustained during thoracotomy, Chest tube placement, and inappropriate biopsy of the breast and radiotherapy of severe burns. Unilateral amastia is often associated with absence of the pectoral muscles. Bilateral amastia is associated in 40%of cases with multiple congenital anomalies involving other parts of the body as well .We had a rare case of a patient with unilateral amastia, where, in spite of the right-side of the breast being intact, the left-side of the breast was absent. The present article presents the case with reference to past reports of amastia. A three-years-old girl with unilateral of breast tissue,areolea and nipples . No other anomalies were noted. Investigation done during the hospital stay including ultrasonography of the chest wall, abdomen and pelvic were all normal.
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International Journal of Women s Health and Reproduction Sciences
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