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Velocity selection in 3D dendrites: Phase field computations and microgravity experiments Original Research Article
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Y.B. Altundas، نويسنده , , G. Caginalp، نويسنده ,
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روزنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2005
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The growth of a single needle of succinonitrile (SCN) is studied in three-dimensional (3D) space by using a phase field model. For realistic physical parameters, namely, the large differences in the length scales, i.e., the capillarity length (10-810-8–View the MathML source10-6cm), the radius of the curvature at the tip of the interface (10-310-3–View the MathML source10-2cm) and the diffusion length (10-310-3–View the MathML source10-1cm), resolution of the large differences in length scale necessitates a 50035003 grid on the supercomputer. The parameters, initial and boundary conditions used are identical to those of the microgravity experiments of Glicksman et al. for SCN. The numerical results for the tip velocity are (i) largely consistent with the Space Shuttle experiments, (ii) compatible with the experimental conclusion that tip velocity does not increase with increased anisotropy, (iii) different for 2D versus 3D by a factor of approximately 1.91.9, (iv) essentially identical for fully versus rotationally symmetric 3D.
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3D solidification calculation , Dendritic growth , Phase field equations , Parallel computing , Microgravity experiments
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Nonlinear Analysis Theory, Methods & Applications
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