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Oribatid mites (Acari: Oribatida) of fungi from Dong Nai Biosphere Reserve, Southern Vietnam
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اميلو ، سرجي نويسنده 1Phytosanitary Department, Nizhniy Novgorod Referral ?enter of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Inspection, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russ Ermilov, Sergey G. , آنچكين، الكساندر نويسنده 2Laboratory of Soil Zoology and General Entomology, Institute of Ecological and Evolutionary Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia; Anichkin, Alexander E.
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فصلنامه با شماره پیاپی 0 سال 2013
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The present study is based on oribatid mite material collected from fungi during the Russian-Vietnamese expedition in July 2012 in Dong Nai Biosphere Reserve of Southern Vietnam. An annotated checklist of oribatid mite taxa is presented. It includes 61 species and one subspecies, 44 genera and 27 families. Nine species (Allonothrus russeolus, Basilobelba retiaria, Acroppia processigera, Dolicheremaeus junichiaokii, Basiceramerus igorotus, Zetorchella reticulata, Tuberemaeus singularis, Nesopelops intermedius, Notogalumna foveolata), one subspecies (Scheloribates praeincisus interruptus), five genera (Allonothrus, Acroppia, Basiceramerus, Nesopelops, Notogalumna) are first records for Vietnam. A new oribatid mite species, Carabodes (Klapperiches) mikhaetandreorum sp. nov. (Carabodidae), is described. The new species is very similar morphologically to C. (K.) atrichosus Mahunka, 1984 and C. (K.) problematicus Mahunka, 1985, however, it clearly differs from both by the absence of the translamella and the position of the adanal setae ad1. Basiceramerus igorotus Corpuz-Raros and Gruèzo, 2011 (Otocepheidae) is redescribed, based on the Vietnamese specimens.
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Persian Journal of Acarology
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