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Finite-fault site-specific acceleration time histories that include nonlinear soil response
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Archuleta، Ralph J. نويسنده , , Liu، Pengcheng نويسنده , , Steidl، Jamison H. نويسنده , , Bonilla، L. Fabian نويسنده , , Lavallée، Daniel نويسنده , , Heuze، Francois نويسنده ,
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روزنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2003
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We performed instrumental neutron activation analysis on a large suite of antarctic and nonantarctic eucrites, including unbrecciated, brecciated, and polymict eucrites and cumulate and noncumulate eucrites. We evaluate the use of Hf and Ta, two highly incompatible elements, as sensitive indicators of partial melting or fractional crystallization processes. Comparison with rare earth element (REE) data from nonantarctic and antarctic eucrites shows that Hf and Ta are unaffected by the terrestrial alteration that has modified the REE contents and patterns of some antarctic eucrites. The major host phases for Hf and Ta––zircon, baddeleyite, ilmenite, and titanite––are much less susceptible to terrestrial alteration than the phosphate hosts of REEs. The host phases for Hf and Ta are minor or trace phases, so sample heterogeneity is a serious concern for obtaining representative compositions. The trace lithophile and siderophile element contents of noncumulate eucrites do not allow for a single, simple model for the petrogenesis of the howardite-eucrite-diogenite suite. Fractional crystallization models cannot reproduce the compositional relationship between eucrites of the main group–Nuevo Laredo trend and those of the Stannern trend. Equilibrium crystallization models cannot explain the trace element diversity observed among diogenites. Partial melting models cannot explain the W variations among eucrites, unless source regions had different metal contents. We suggest that slight variations in oxygen fugacity of eucrite source regions during partial melting can explain the W variations without requiring different metal contents. This hypothesis may fail to account for eucrite Co contents, however.
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Nonlinearity , Site response , Accelerogram , earthquake
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