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Synthesis, crystal structure and properties of copper(II) complexes with different axial ligands and substituted pyrazoles
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Cheng، Hai-Peng نويسنده , , Liao، Daizheng نويسنده , , Jiang، Zonghui نويسنده , , Yan، Shiping نويسنده , , Sun، Ying-Ji نويسنده , , Shen، Pan-Wen نويسنده ,
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روزنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2001
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We previously prepared several compounds of the zwitterions [(CH3)3NCH2CH2O]0 (deprotonated choline, herein named cholaine) and [(CH3)3NCH2CO2]0 (betaine) and proposed structures based on infrared spectroscopy. We now examine these compounds with use of ab initio molecular orbital methods to further elucidate possible structure. These calculations demonstrate that: (1) cholaine and betaine both have internal CHO hydrogen bonds, and these are retained in some form in all other compounds. (2) Cholaine hydrate and hydrofluoride and betaine hydrofluoride monomers have covalent three-center hydrogen bonds between H2O or HF and negative zwitterion oxygen, and additional CHX hydrogen bonds to H2O oxygen or HF fluorine. (3) Cholaine monohydrate and cholaine hydrofluoride monohydrate form dimers of Ci symmetry which contain planar C2h (H2O·O)2 and (HOH·F)2 clusters. (4) Cholaine hydrofluoride forms head-to-tail dimers bound by intermolecular CHX hydrogen bonds; this arrangement could lead to extended linear structures in the solid state. (5) Betaine hydrofluoride, in contrast, forms a tightly bound discrete dimeric unit in which two molecules join in a head-to-head manner held together by five intermolecular hydrogen bonds and by the mutual proximities of negative fluorides to positive nitrogens.
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Copper(II) complexes , Pyrazole , crystal structure
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Journal of Molecular Structure
Journal title :
Journal of Molecular Structure
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