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Carbon Electrodes Modified with Ruthenium Metallodendrimer Multilayers for the Mediated Oxidation of Methionine and Insulin at Physiological pH
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Cheng، Long نويسنده , , Pacey، Gilbert E. نويسنده , , Cox، James A. نويسنده ,
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دوهفته نامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2001
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Electropolymerized films of the functionalized pyrrole, pentafluorophenyl-3-(pyrrol-1-yl)propionate (PFP), were reacted with a solution-phase nucleophile, ferrocene ethylamine. This reaction was chosen as a model representative of a postdeposition modification of the polymer membraneʹs properties. For the first time, a nondestructive method for direct chemical analysis of the reaction profile within the electrodeposited polymer membrane after nucleophilic substitution is presented. This was achieved through the application of in situ neutron reflectivity with supplementary analytical information concerning the filmʹs chemical composition obtained from XPS, FT-IR, and electrochemical measurements. The results presented illustrate how, for a partially reacted film resulting from a short reaction time, the extent of reaction with ferrocene ethylamine is not homogeneous throughout the thickness of the film, but occurs predominantly at the polymer/solution interface. We show that the progress of the reaction within the polymer film is limited by the transport of reacting species in the dense regions of the membrane that are furthest from the solution interface. The data do not fit an alternative model in which there is spatially homogeneous progression of the reaction front throughout the bulk of the thin film polymer. Guided by the neutron reflectivity measurements, suitable modifications were made to the electrodeposition method to prepare films whose architecture resulted in faster rates of reaction.
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Analytical Chemistry
Journal title :
Analytical Chemistry
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