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Sentiment Analysis of Tweets Using Supervised Machine Learning Techniques Based on Term Frequency
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Aggarwal ، Deepti JSS Academy of Technical Education , Bali ، Vikram JSS Academy of Technical Education , Agarwal ، Abhishek JSS Academy of Technical Education , Poswal ، Kshitiz JSS Academy of Technical Education , Gupta ، Madhav JSS Academy of Technical Education , Gupta ، Abhishek JSS Academy of Technical Education
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World of technology provides everyone with a great outlet to give their opinion, using social media like Twitter and other platforms. This paper employs machine learning methods for text analysis to obtain sentiments of reviews by the people on twitter. Sentiment analysis of the text uses Natural language processing, a machine learning technique to tell the orientation of opinion of a piece of text. This system extracts attributes from the piece of writing such as a) The polarity of text, whether the speaker is criticizing or appreciating, b) The topic of discussion, subject of the text. A comparison of the work done so far on sentiment analysis on tweets has been shown. A detailed discussion on feature extraction and feature representation is provided. Comparison of six classifiers: Naïve Bayes, Decision Tree, Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machine, XGBoost and Random Forest, based on their accuracy depending upon type of feature, is shown. Moreover, this paper also provides sentiment analysis of political views and public opinion on lockdown in India. Tweets with ‘#lockdown’ are analysed for their sentiment categorically and a schematic analysis is shown.
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Feature representation , TFIDF , N , grams , Pre , processing , Tokenization , Word Cloud
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Journal of Information Technology Management (JITM)
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