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Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Hypoglycemia SymptomsImproved with Diet Modification
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Bhardwaj, Sukriti Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine - Toronto - ON, Canada , Aucoin, Monique Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine - Toronto - ON, Canada
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Observational evidence suggests that a relationship may exist between high glycemic index diets and the development of anxietyand depression symptoms; however, as no interventional studies assessing this relationship in a psychiatric population have beencompleted, the possibility of a causal link is unclear. AB is a 15-year-old female who presented with concerns of generalized anxietydisorder and hypoglycemia symptoms. Her diet consisted primarily of refined carbohydrates. The addition of protein, fat, andfiber to her diet resulted in a substantial decrease in anxiety symptoms as well as a decrease in the frequency and severity ofhypoglycemia symptoms. A brief return to her previous diet caused a return of her anxiety symptoms, followed by improvementwhen she restarted the prescribed diet. This case strengthens the hypothesis that dietary glycemic index may play a role in thepathogenesis or progression of mental illnesses such as generalized anxiety disorder and subsequently that dietary modification asa therapeutic intervention in the treatment of mental illness warrants further study
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Generalized Anxiety Disorder , Hypoglycemia Symptoms Improved , Diet Modification , Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
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Case Reports in Psychiatry
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