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Health Prognostics of electrolytic capacitor using various environmental testing methods
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bhargava, cherry lovely professional university - department of ece, Phagwara, India , bhargava, cherry punjab technical university(ptu) - ikg - department of ece, Kapurthala, India , banga, vijay kumar amritsar college of engineering and technology, Amritsar, India , singh, yaduvir harcourt butler technological university - department of ee, Kanpur, India
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An electrolytic capacitor is widely used in various electronic design and manufacturing industries. Cheaper price and higher capacitance, makes it famous amongst other components. The reliability becomes a challenge as more and more components integrate on a single chip. The electrolytic capacitor derates on a faster pace, as environmental stress and electrical parameters enhances. An Electrolytic capacitor of 1000μf capacity is explored using environmental testing. Various techniques based on physics of failure are explored. This paper focuses on a new technique has been proposed, which explores the impact of ripple current, humidity and frequency along with thermal stress and voltage. Comparison shows that proposed technique has the least error i.e. 5.7% as compared to 23% for technique-A, 38.3% for technique- B and 54.5% for technique-C.
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Condition monitoring , Electrolytic Capacitor , Failure Prediction , Reliability , Accelerated life testing
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Journal of Materials and Environmental Science
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