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Rivalry of Iranian Littérateurs against Persian Poets of India: Its effect on Evolution of Classical Literature of Urdu
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Bano, Shagufta Government Degree College for Women, Pakistan , Habib, Zahida University of Education - Division of Education, Pakistan , Sohail, Muhammad University of Punjab - Centre for South Asian Studies, Pakistan
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Tens of million people of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh speak Urdu language and hundreds of people of South Asia understand it. It is such an auspicious language that many pious Sufis and holy saints participated in its growth and development. When the Muslims came in India they spoke Persian, Arabic and Turkish languages. Although they did not enforce any of these languages by force in India, but Persian was the official language of the regions under Muslim rule. Therefore, the people had to get a nodding acquaintance of Persian. On the other hand many words related to Muslim mode of life and Islamic sociology entered into local language. Although the local language started growing rapidly but it did not get the status of mature literary language that Persian enjoyed. Therefore, the scholars, intellectuals and litterateurs of India preferred Persian language for expression of serious subjects. But the Iranian scholars and poets showed incredulity about Persian works of the Indians. These antagonistic feelings against the Indian littérateurs turned them towards their local language. This paper examines the effect of this reactionary attitude on the development of Urdu.
Keywords :
Iranian litterateurs , Indian Poets , rivalry , Persian literacy tradition , reaction
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South Asian Studies: A Research Journal of South Asian Studies
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