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Differences in the Approach of Ulamaʼ to Modern Science and Tawhidic Paradigm: A Brief Note
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Ali, Sheikh Jameil Islamic University of Science and Technology - Department of Islamic Studies, India
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Science and Scientism have from the very beginning posed a challenge to all religions including Islam. Muslim World’s response to it was varied. Muslim scholars depending upon their perception to religion and science looked upon this challenge according to their perspectives, with the result various responses could be noticed from the Muslim. However, it is the Philosophical underpinnings of modern science, rather than science itself, that has mostly perturbed the Muslim intellectuals. A number of scholars perceived science as human endeavor throughout history of mankind, therefore, with no inherent incompatibility with the religion of Islam. They challenged the scientism and the atheistic interpretations of the science not the science as such and focused on the need of Tawhidic paradigm.
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Scientism , westernization , Philosophical underpinnings
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Revelation and Science:Inter-disciplinary journal of intellectual revival
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