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Cluster Analysis in Lipid Biomarker Studies: A Case of the Clyde Sea (Analisis Berkelompok dalam Kajian Penanda Bio Lipid: Kes di Laut Clyde)
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Ali, Masni Mohd Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia - School Of Environment And Natural Resource Sciences,Faculty Of Science And Technology, Malaysia , Mudge, Stephen M. University Of Wales - School Of Ocean Sciences, UK
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Thirty-three surface sediment samples were collected around the Clyde Sea and were analyzed for fatty acids, fatty alcohols and sterols by the GC-MS detection. Cluster analysis (Ward’s method with correlation coefficient) performed separately on fatty acids, fatty alcohols and sterols showed that they were grouped according to their geochemical sources. However, terrestrial derived compounds can be seen grouping with marine and bacterial derived compounds in every analysis. Bacterial derived compounds can be found in all clusters in the mixed compound cluster analysis showing that bacterial inputs occurred together with marine and terrestrial inputs
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cluster analysis , biomarker , fatty acids , fatty alcohols , sterols
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