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A Sensitive SiO2@Fe3O4/GO Nanocomposite Modified Ionic Liquid Carbon Paste Electrode for the Determination of Cabergoline
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Baniasadi ، Mohammad Bam University of Medical Sciences , Maaref ، Hamed NanoBioEletrochemistry Research Center - Bam University of Medical Sciences , Dorzadeh ، Athareh Bam University of Medical Sciences , Mohammad Alizadeh ، Parsa Student Research Committee, School of Public Health - Bam University of Medical Sciences
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In this study, the initial report on determining cabergoline via nanostructure-adjusted ionic liquid carbon paste electrode with aqueous solutions is described. For this purpose, an original adjusted carbon paste electrode that uses SiO2@Fe3O4/GO nanocomposite and 1-methyl-3-butylimidazolium bromide as a binder (SiO2@Fe3O4/GO/CPILE) was designed. Cabergoline oxidation peak at SiO2@Fe3O4/GO/CPILE surface was 500 mV that was approximately 200 mV less compared to the oxidation potential pertaining to the CPE surface subjected to a similar state. Moreover, there was an increase in the peak current of approximately 3.0 times greater at SiO2@Fe3O4/GO/CPILE surface in comparison to that of the CPE. The relevant linear response range and detection limit were determined as 0.07–500.0 and 0.01 μM, correspondingly. The adjusted electrode was successful in determining cabergoline within real specimens entailing adequate results.
Keywords :
Cabergoline , Carbon paste electrode , SiO2@Fe3O4 , GO nanocomposite , Ionic liquid
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Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (IJCCE)
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