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Trigeminal Neuralgia: Frequency of Occurrence in Different Nerve Branches
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Bangash, Tanweer Hussain Employee Health Department, Pakistan
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Background: Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is neuropathic pain which can involve any part or side of the face.Objectives: The objectives of this study were to find the most common branch of trigeminal nerve affected and the most common side involved.Patients and Methods: This Cross sectional study was carried out on 100 patients of trigeminal neuralgia in one year time. The diagnosis was based on a detailed history, clinical examination and control of pain by carbamazepine being taken supplemented by radiographic investigations. The collected data was analysed by SPSS 16.Results: The age of the patients varied from 40 to 80 years with a mean age 54 years at the time of presentation. The males to females ratio was 1:2. The right side of the face was found to be involved in seventy patients (64 %) and left side in (36 %). No case presented with bilateral involvement. The Mandibular division was most commonly involved in this study (n = 55; 55%) and least was ophthalmic divisions (n = 6; 6%).Conclusions: This study demonstrated numerous clinical similarities of trigeminal neuralgia afflicting different populations. Right side was more involved along with mandibular division the most commonly affected. However studies needs to be done to know the exact reasons of involvement of the affected side and branches.
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Trigeminal neuralgia , Neuropathic pain , Neuralgia
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Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
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