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Effect of Anti-Smoking Legislation in Public Places
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Bhat ، Nagesh , Oza ، Swapnil , Reddy ، Jaddu Jyothirmai , Mitra ، Ruchi , Patel ، Rahul , Singh ، Sopan
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Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of anti-smoking legislation in public places and public support for smoking ban. Methods: A cross-sectional survey was conducted in public places such as market, bus/railway station, workplaces and hospitals in Udaipur, India. Informed consent was obtained. The questionnaire comprised of details about their agreement with the current anti-smoking legislation and their views on the support for smoking ban in public places. Findings: The study was conducted among 314 individuals of whom 255 (81.2%) supported the general ban on smoking in public places. Non-smokers (54.4%) agreed more than smokers that the introduction of legislation would create healthier environment (P 0.001), second hand smoke is serious threat to health (P 0.001), more implementation needed for current antismoking legislation (P 0.001). Smokers (45.5%) agreed more than non-smokers that everyone has the right to smoke in public places (P 0.001). Conclusion: Local support for a ban on smoking in public places in Udaipur is high. But there is a lack of enforcing mechanism in support of the legislation and hence complete smoking ban along with strong enforcement may provide better results.
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Antismoking legislation , Smoking ban , Public health
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