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Longitudinal Magnetic Field Effect on Torsional Vibration of Carbon Nanotubes
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Arda ، Mustafa - Trakya University , Aydogdu ، Metin - Trakya University
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Torsional dynamic analysis of carbon nanotubes under the effect of longitudinal magnetic field is carried out in the present study. Torque effect of an axial magnetic field on a carbon nanotube has been defined using Maxwell’s relation. Nonlocal governing equation and boundary conditions for carbon nanotubes are obtained by using Hamilton’s minimum energy principle. Eringen’s nonlocal stress gradient elasticity theory is used in the formulation. Fourth order nonlocal equation of motion is solved by utilizing differential quadrature method. Clamped-clamped and clamped-free nonlocal boundary conditions are considered. Nonlocal and axial magnetic field effects on torsional vibration of carbon nanotubes are investigated. The magnetic field has significant effects on the dynamics of carbon nanotubes and may lead to torsional buckling. Critical torsional buckling load reduces with nonlocal effects. Nonlocality shows softening effect on carbon nanotube’s lattice structure. Present results can be used in the design and analysis of nanoelectromechanical products like nano-motors.
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carbon nanotubes , torsional vibration , nonlocal elasticity , longitudinal magnetic field
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Journal of Computational Applied Mechanics
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