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Right-wing Populism and the European unio‎n
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Sen, Somdeep Graduate School of Social Science - Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
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Since its inception the European unio‎n has transformed itself from a mere economic partnership to a regional cooperation, supposedly, embodying laws and values ‘universally’ accepted as ‘good’. This very character has encouraged the EU to pursue the role of a global actor that not only personifies this ‘value-system’ but also strives at disseminating them into the rest of the world. But, over the years the rise of right-wing populism throughout Europe has threatened to challenge some of the core orientating aspects of this ‘value-system’. While electoral victories have demonstrated their ability to impact the character of the EU within its boundaries, this study wonders what impact the rise of the right-wing populism could have on the European unio‎n as a global actor
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Far-right , Right wing populism , European unio‎n , Global Actor , Foreign Policy
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Astroparticle Physics
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