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Productivity of several Caulerpa species grown in fishponds
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Azis, Hasni Y Hasanuddin University - Indonesia , Karim, Muhammad Y Hasanuddin University - Indonesia , Amri, Khairul Hasanuddin University - Indonesia , Hasbullah, Dasep Hasanuddin University - Indonesia
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Caulerpa is an aquatic resource that has high nutritional value. It can be consumed directly or made various kinds of processed products so that it has a potency to be developed through its cultivation. This research was carried out at the Mandalle Farm Aquaculture Unit, Pangkep Regency, South Sulawesi aimed at analyzing the growth rate and production of several Caulerpa species grown in fishponds. The seeds used were Caulerpa from pond farmers in Laikang Village, Takalar Regency which were growth for 40 days. The study was designed using a completely randomized design consisting of 3 treatments with 5 replications each. The three treatments are differences in Caulerpa types, namely: C. racemosa, C. lentillifera and C. sertularioides. The results of the analysis of variance showed that the differences in species had a very significant effect (p<0.1) on the growth rate and production of Caulerpa. The highest growth rates and production were produced by C. sertularioides and C. racemosa (i.e. 4.46 and 4.40%/days for growth rates and 247.80 and 240.60 g) while the lowest for C. lentillifera (3.43%/day and 147.6 g).
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Caulerpa racemosa , Caulerpa entillifera , Caulerpa sertularioides , growth rate , production
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Astroparticle Physics
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