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Microwave induced combustion Synthesis of Nano- Codoped Ceria and their electrical properties
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Ainirad, Ali Department of chemistry - University of Science and Technology of Iran, Tehran
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In this work, Ce0.75Gd0.1Ca0.15O1.8 nanopowders are successfully synthesized by a Glycine-nitrate combustion process under the microwave irradiation. Then calcination was carried out at 700 °C. Calcined powders identified by room temperature X-ray diffraction were single phase and had a crystallite size between 16 to 24 nm (based on Schererr formula). Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was employed to characterize the morphology of powder. We also studied the effect of fuel to nitrate ratio on the amount of released energy and on the crystallite size and compositional homogeneity of the resulting powders. Finally electrical properties of obtained powder were studied.
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Solid oxide fuel cell , Doped ceria , Microwave , Combustion synthesis
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Astroparticle Physics
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