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Voltammetric Determination of Epinephrine Based on ZnO Nanoparticles Assisted Graphene Oxide Nanosheets
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Baniasadi, Mohammad Bam University of Medical Sciences, Bam , Jahani, Shohreh Bam University of Medical Sciences, Bam , Maaref, Hamed Bam University of Medical Sciences, Bam , Alizadeh, Reza Department of Chemistry - Faculty of Science - Qum University, Qum
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This work reports the voltammetric determination of epinephrine (EP) using ZnO-graphene oxide nanocomposite (ZnO-GO). The electrochemical behaviors of epinephrine at ZnO-GO nanocomposite modified graphite screen printed electrodes (SPE) were studied by cyclic voltammetry and differential pulse voltammetry. The outcomes confirmed that the proposed electrode demonstrate excellent electrocatalytic activity towards the oxidation of epinephrine in phosphate buffer solution (PBS, pH 7.0). The fabricated electrode possess lowest detection limit of 0.07 μM for epinephrine with the very wide dynamic linear range of 0.5 μM to 500.0 μM. Finally, the modified sensor was successfully implemented to detect epinephrine in epinephrine injection and urine samples
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Epinephrine , ZnO-GO nanocomposite , Graphite screen printed electrode , Voltammetry
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Astroparticle Physics
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