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Climatic guidelines for designing open spaces in residential complexes of Yazd (With emphasis on desired orientation and proportions and its radiation effects analysis)
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Mahmoudi Rad Mahnaz نويسنده Skin Research Center, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran , Kolbadi Nezhad Mehrangiz نويسنده Neka Islamic Azad University, Neka, Iran , Pourmousa Mahboobeh نويسنده Faculty of Art & Architecture - Science & Research branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran
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Human’s disregard to nature and consequently his living environment’s distance from natural endowments and potentials have caused many problems. Human’s living spaces are less desirable for him, and have destroyed his comfort in many cases, as man-made things. In this regard, public open spaces in residential areas can be mentioned because they are usually considered among the most vulnerable spaces due to having the least thermal comfort and spatial quality. This is because they are able to provide comfort only if they interact with nature and use natural energy sources such as sun, wind, plants etc. In this regard, this study focused on providing comfort specifically thermal comfort in residential public open spaces by using natural endowments and energies especially the sun and shade provided by solar radiation. This study aimed to analyze the climatic factors in Yazd meteorological station, especially the temperature and radiation analysis and making this information meaningful regarding human’s thermal comfort in open spaces to introduce the climate potentials specifically the sun. Then, some traditional houses in Yazd were analyzed, their length, width and heights were surveyed, the real shade masks of the walls in yards were measured, and a logical relationship was observed between solar radiation and yard proportions and how the shade is formed in these yards. Therefore, it could be concluded what the role of these proportions and the best yard proportions is to provide the thermal comfort in open spaces.
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