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Investigating the Performance Characteristics of Asphaltic Concrete Containing Nano-Silica
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- - نويسنده assistant professor, civil engineering department, university of zanjan, zanjan, Iran Taherkhani Hasan , - - نويسنده graduate in highway and transportation engineering, university of zanjan Afroozi Siamak
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Abstract :
Using nano-technology materials in the asphalt pavement industry is new compared with Portland cement concrete. The main objective of this study is to investigate the effects of nano-silica modification on some properties of a penetration grade asphalt cement and a typical asphalt concrete. 60/70 penetration grade bitumen was modified with different percentages of nano-silica (i.e. 1, 3 and 5%, by weight) and was used for making the asphalt concrete specimens. After evaluating the basic properties of the modified binder, the asphalt concrete specimens were evaluated based on the stiffness and resistance against fatigue cracking, moisture damage and permanent deformation. The fatigue life of the modified mixtures was also calculated using an already developed regression model. The results showed that penetration grade and ductility increase and softening point decreases with increasing nano-silica content. Furthermore, results showed that the addition of nano-silica results in the increase of stiffness, tensile strength, resilient modulus, fatigue life and resistance against permanent deformation and moisture damage. The reduction of indirect tensile strength in wet the condition decreases with increasing nano-silica content. Dynamic creep test results showed that, the flow number of the control mixture and the mixture containing 1% of nano-silica is much lower than 10000 loading cycles. However, the mixtures containing 3 and 5% of nano-silica do not reach to the tertiary creep region after 10000 loading cycles.
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