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Comparison among Allometric Relations of Some Morphometric Characteristics under Natural and Simulated Scales
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- - نويسنده Assistant Professor, Department of Geomorphology and Climatology, Faculty of Geography and Environmental Science, Hakim Sabzevari University, Sabzevar, Iran Goli Mokhtari Leila , - - نويسنده Professor, Department of Physical Geography, Faculty of Geographical Science and Planning, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran Ramesht Mohammad Hossein , - - نويسنده Assistant Professor, Department of Surveying, Faculty of Engineering, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran Momeni Mehdi
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Background: The concept of allometry states that the relative rate of change of a system unit is a constant fraction of the relative rate of change of the entire system, or of another part of the system.This concept is stated as a nonlinear relationship and has been verified in a variety of natural systems. Materials and Methods:The allometric relations in various phases of basin evolution in forms of static and dynamic models wasinvestigated.In order to study the dynamic allometry, a model consistingof two basins was developed.The evolution stages and the erosion changes caused by artificial rainfall and tectonic movements and also in static form (natural basins) were monitored. Results: The existence of allometricrelations in drainage basins that are progressing toward the equilibrium (natural basins and basins affected by erosion) are significant and verifiable.This kind of relations do not exist in tectonic affected basins that were moving away from the equilibrium. Conclusions:Allometric relations in drainage basins can define different states of system such as equilibrium. Moreover, any factor that causes the basin to move away from equilibrium needs to have an initial effect on basin relations to cause disorder in the system,and this change,in many cases,can be formulated or demonstrated by allometric model. Therefore the allometric equations could be considered an important tool in predicting the evolution of drainage basins and assessing their performance in the past and present.  
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