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An experimental statistical analysis of stress projection factors in BCC tantalum
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Carroll، نويسنده , , J.D. and Clark، نويسنده , , B.G. and Buchheit، نويسنده , , T.E. and Boyce، نويسنده , , B.L. and Weinberger، نويسنده , , C.R.، نويسنده ,
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روزنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2013
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Crystallographic slip planes in body centered cubic (BCC) metals are not fully understood. In polycrystals, there are additional confounding effects from grain interactions. This paper describes an experimental investigation into the effects of grain orientation and neighbors on elastic–plastic strain accumulation. In situ strain fields were obtained by performing digital image correlation (DIC) on images from a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and from optical microscopy. These strain fields were statistically compared to the grain structure measured by electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD). Spearman rank correlations were performed between effective strain and six microstructural factors including four Schmid factors associated with the 〈111〉 slip direction, grain size, and Taylor factor. Modest correlations (∼10%) were found for a polycrystal tension specimen. fluence of grain neighbors was first investigated by re-correlating the polycrystal data using clusters of similarly-oriented grains identified by low grain boundary misorientation angles. Second, the experiment was repeated on a tantalum oligocrystal, with through-thickness grains. Much larger correlation coefficients were found in this multicrystal due to the dearth of grain neighbors and subsurface microstructure. Finally, a slip trace analysis indicated (in agreement with statistical correlations) that macroscopic slip often occurs on {110}〈111〉 slip systems and sometimes by pencil glide on maximum resolved shear stress planes (MRSSP). These results suggest that Schmid factors are suitable for room temperature, quasistatic, tensile deformation in tantalum as long as grain neighbor effects are accounted for.
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digital image correlation , Crystallography , Multicrystal , Crystal plasticity , Micromechanics , microstructure
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