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Biodiversity of aerobic endospore-forming bacterial species occurring in Yanyanku and Ikpiru, fermented seeds of Hibiscus sabdariffa used to produce food condiments in Benin
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Agbobatinkpo، نويسنده , , Pélagie B. and Thorsen، نويسنده , , Line and Nielsen، نويسنده , , Dennis S. and Azokpota، نويسنده , , Paulin and Akissoe، نويسنده , , Noël and Hounhouigan، نويسنده , , Joseph D. and Jakobsen، نويسنده , , Mogens، نويسنده ,
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روزنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2013
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Yanyanku and Ikpiru made by the fermentation of Malcavene bean (Hibiscus sabdariffa) are used as functional additives for Parkia biglobosa seed fermentations in Benin. A total of 355 aerobic endospore-forming bacteria (AEFB) isolated from Yanyanku and Ikpiru produced in northern and southern Benin were identified using phenotypic and genotypic methods, including GTG5-PCR, M13-PCR, 16S rRNA, gyrA and gyrB gene sequencing. Generally, the same 5–6 species of the genus Bacillus predominated: Bacillus subtilis (17–41% of isolates), Bacillus cereus (8–39%), Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (9–22%), Bacillus licheniformis (3–26%), Bacillus safensis (8–19%) and Bacillus altitudinis (0–19%). Bacillus aryabhattai, Bacillus flexus, and Bacillus circulans (0–2%), and species of the genera Lysinibacillus (0–14%), Paenibacillus (0–13%), Brevibacillus (0–4%), and Aneurinibacillus (0–3%) occurred sporadically. The diarrheal toxin encoding genes cytK-1, cytK-2, hblA, hblC, and hblD were present in 0%, 91% 15%, 34% and 35% of B. cereus isolates, respectively. 9% of them harbored the emetic toxin genetic determinant, cesB. This study is the first to identify the AEFB of Yanyanku and Ikpiru to species level and perform a safety evaluation based on toxin gene detections. We further suggest, that the gyrA gene can be used for differentiating the closely related species Bacillus pumilus and B. safensis.
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Bacillus , Yanyanku , Ikpiru , B. cereus enterotoxin , Cereulide , Hibiscus sabdariffa fermentation
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International Journal of Food Microbiology
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