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Environment-specific elasticity and sensitivity analysis of the stochastic growth rate
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إberg، نويسنده , , Per and Svensson، نويسنده , , Carl Johan and Caswell، نويسنده , , Hal and Pavia، نويسنده , , Henrik، نويسنده ,
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For matrix population models, analyses of how sensitive the population growth rate is to changes in vital rates (i.e. perturbations) are important for studies of life history evolution as well as for management and conservation of threatened species. There are two types of sensitivity analyses corresponding to absolute (sensitivity) or relative (elasticity) changes in the vital rates and both types can be applied to both deterministic and stochastic matrix population models. To date, most empirical studies of elasticity and sensitivity of the stochastic growth rate have examined the response to perturbations in the vital rates in a complete set of possible environments. However, it is often of interest to examine the response to perturbations occurring in only a subset of the possible environments. This has been done for periodic time-varying models elsewhere, but here we describe a recently published method for calculating the environment-specific sensitivity and elasticity of the stochastic growth rate and apply this method to data. These environment-specific perturbation analyses provide a logical way of dividing the sensitivity and elasticity among the environments. They give important insight into the selection regime in different environments and can provide valuable information for making management decisions and management evaluations in stochastic environments.
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Population growth rate , Sensitivity , MANAGEMENT , Stochastic matrix models , Elasticity
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Astroparticle Physics
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