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Three-dimensional analysis of eutectic grains in hypoeutectic Al–Si alloys
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C.M. Dinnis، نويسنده , , Cameron M. and Dahle، نويسنده , , Arne K. and Taylor، نويسنده , , John A.، نويسنده ,
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An approach to the qualitative analysis of quenched microstructures in three dimensions is presented and demonstrated on unmodified and Sr-modified Al–10% Si samples. The samples were repeatedly polished to obtain a series of digital images through the depth of the microstructure. A three-dimensional reconstruction of the microstructure was obtained by assembling the images of the serial sections. Reconstructions were made of unmodified and Sr-modified Al–Si eutectic grains that were quenched during eutectic solidification. The three-dimensional reconstructions show that strontium modification changes the size and morphology of the Al–Si eutectic grains. Sr-modified eutectic grains are large approximately spherical grains and grow with a high interface velocity. In the unmodified alloy, many small eutectic grains grow from the dendrite arm tips. The unmodified eutectic grains appear to grow from the dendrite tips into the undercooled liquid, rather than back-filling the dendrite envelope, possibly continuing to grow in the same manner as the equiaxed dendrites.
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Serial sectioning , Al–Si eutectic , Aluminium alloy
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Astroparticle Physics
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