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The enhancement of tensile strength and elongation in two phase (NiAl+Ni3Al) intermetallics of Zr-doped Ni–20Al–27.5Fe (at.%) alloys
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Choe، نويسنده , , Byung Hak and Kim، نويسنده , , Il-Ho and Lee، نويسنده , , Baek-Hee and Ahn، نويسنده , , Hung-Sik and Lee، نويسنده , , Je-Hyun and Lee، نويسنده , , Jong Hoon and Kim، نويسنده , , Hak-Min، نويسنده ,
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Microstructure and tensile properties in the nickel intermetallics, Ni–20Al–27.5Fe and Ni–20Al–27.5Fe–1Ti (at.%), were investigated in order to understand the effect of zirconium addition. It was found that the addition of zirconium causes formation of a thin layer along the phase boundary of NiAl and Ni3Al. The thin layer was identified as an ordered fcc phase with 6.9 Å in lattice parameter. The compressive deformation caused by hot extrusion results in fine precipitates and a mixture of subgrains within the matrix phase in zirconium-doped alloy. Additional zirconium gives significant improvement in the room and high temperature fracture strength and strain. The extruded zirconium-doped alloy exhibited a high tensile elongation of above 10%, and also a relatively high tensile strength of 1350 Mpa at room temperature, keeping it as high as 600 Mpa at 700°C.
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intermetallics , Tensile Properties , extrusion , Zirconium-doped , Thin layer
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Astroparticle Physics
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