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Sequence analyses of feline B7 costimulatory molecules
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Choi، نويسنده , , In-Soo and Hash، نويسنده , , Stephen M and Winslow، نويسنده , , Barbara J and Collisson، نويسنده , , Ellen W، نويسنده ,
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Using RT-PCR amplifications with mRNA from mitogen-stimulated feline peripheral blood mononuclear cells, cDNA of feline B7-1 (CD80) and B7-2 (CD86) were cloned. The cDNA were sequenced and putative translated protein sequences compared with known counterpart sequences. Hydrophilicity patterns of the feline CD80 and CD86 which were only 26.8% identical at the amino acid sequence were very distinct from each other, but similar to the putative human CD80 and CD86 proteins, respectively. The feline CD80 gene encoded a protein of 292 amino acids and the CD86 gene encoded a protein of 329 amino acids. Amino-terminal signal sequences, extracellular Ig V- and Ig C-like domains, transmembrane domains, and carboxyl cytoplasmic domains were identified in both molecules. Although the most conserved domain among the CD80 sequences was the Ig C-like domain, the most conserved domain among the CD86 sequences was the Ig V-like domain. Among the known sequences, the bovine CD80 and the porcine CD86 sequences available for comparisons were identified as most closely related to the feline CD80 (63.3%) and CD86 (67.5%), respectively. The mouse molecules were the least identical (43.6 and 43.6%, respectively) with the feline CD80 and CD86 proteins. The human CD80 and CD86 molecules were 56.3 and 57.0% identical with the feline molecules.
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FELINE , B7-2 (CD86) , amino acid sequence , CDNA , B7-1 (CD80)
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Astroparticle Physics
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