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Precise and accurate determination of the half-life of the α-decay nuclide 243Am using 241Am as the reference isotope
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Aggarwal، نويسنده , , S.K. and Alamelu، نويسنده , , D. and Shah، نويسنده , , P.M. and Mirashi، نويسنده , , N.N.، نويسنده ,
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A re-determination of the half-life of the α-decay nuclide 243Am is reported using the relative activity method. Different synthetic mixtures were prepared by mixing solutions of isotopically pure 241Am and enriched 243Am isotopes, with 241Am/243Am α activity ratios in the range of 0.2–2. The 241Am/243Am atom ratios in these mixtures were determined by thermal ionization mass spectrometry and the α activity ratios were obtained by α spectrometry. A value of 17.022±0.027 was obtained for the half-life ratio of 243Am to that of 241Am. Using a value of 432.2±(0.15%) a for the 241Am half-life, a value of 7357±23 a (1σ) was obtained for the half-life of 243Am. This is the value with highest precision and accuracy reported so far.
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Enriched isotopes , ?-particle spectrometry , Thermal ionization mass spectrometry , 243Am half-life , Relative activity method , Synthetic mixture sources
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Astroparticle Physics
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