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Beam line I411 at MAX II—performance and first results
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Bنssler، نويسنده , , M. and Ausmees، نويسنده , , A. and Jurvansuu، نويسنده , , M. and Feifel، نويسنده , , R. and Forsell، نويسنده , , J.-O. and de Tarso Fonseca، نويسنده , , P. and Kivimنki، نويسنده , , A. and Sundin، نويسنده , , S. and Sorensen، نويسنده , , S.L and Nyholm، نويسنده , , R. and Bjِrneholm، نويسنده , , O. and Aksela، نويسنده , , S. and Svensson، نويسنده , , S.، نويسنده ,
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We report on the characteristics and first results from the soft X-ray beam line I411, based on an undulator at the third generation synchrotron facility MAX II, Sweden. The beam line is designed for high-resolution, angle-resolved electron spectroscopy on gases, liquids and solids. Main components are the modified SX700 monochromator and the end station, both of which were previously used at beam line 51 at MAX I. The end station is equipped with a rotatable SES-200 hemispherical electron-analyser. Before the end station, a one-metre section is reserved for exchangeable experimental set-ups. The usable photon energy range is 50–1500 eV and the photon flux is two orders of magnitudes higher compared to beam line 51. At 400 eV a resolving power of about 5700 in the first order of the monochromator grating could be obtained. In gas phase, a total electron energy resolution of 16 meV has been achieved. Detailed results on the undulator performance, flux, photon and electron energy resolution as well as some technical details are presented here. As an example of the capabilities of the beam line I411, we present the fully vibrationally resolved Auger resonant Raman electron spectrum of gas-phase N2.
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Beamline , Synchrotron radiation , Electron spectroscopy
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Astroparticle Physics
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