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Studies on fast triggering and high precision tracking with Resistive Plate Chambers
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Aielli، نويسنده , , G. and Ball، نويسنده , , R. and Bilki، نويسنده , , Céline B. and Chapman، نويسنده , , J.W. and Cardarelli، نويسنده , , R. and Dai، نويسنده , , T. and Diehl، نويسنده , , E. and Dubbert، نويسنده , , J. L. Ferretti، نويسنده , , C. and Feng، نويسنده , , H. and Francis، نويسنده , , Chandan K. and Guan، نويسنده , , L. and Han، نويسنده , , L. and Hou، نويسنده , , S. and Levin، نويسنده , , D. and Li، نويسنده , , B. and Liu، نويسنده , , L. and Paolozzi، نويسنده , , L. and Repond، نويسنده , , J. and Roloff، نويسنده , , J. and Santonico، نويسنده , , R. and Song، نويسنده , , H.Y. and Wang، نويسنده , , X.L. and Wu، نويسنده , , Y. and Xia، نويسنده , , L. and Xu، نويسنده , , L. and Zhao، نويسنده , , T. and Zhao، نويسنده , , Z. and Zhou، نويسنده , , B. and Zhu، نويسنده , , J.، نويسنده ,
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We report on studies of fast triggering and high precision tracking using Resistive Plate Chambers (RPCs). Two beam tests were carried out with the 180 GeV/c muon beam at CERN using glass RPCs with gas gaps of 1.15 mm and equipped with readout strips with 1.27 mm pitch. This is the first beam test of RPCs with fine-pitch readout strips that explores precision tracking and triggering capabilities. RPC signals were acquired with precision timing and charge integrating readout electronics at both ends of the strips. The time resolution was measured to be better than 600 ps and the average spatial resolution was found to be 220 μ m using charge information and 287 μ m only using signal arrival time information. The dual-ended readout allows the determination of the average and the difference of the signal arrival times. The average time was found to be independent of the incident particle position along the strip and is useful for triggering purposes. The time difference yielded a determination of the hit position with a precision of 7.5 mm along the strip. These results demonstrate the feasibility using RPCs for fast and high-resolution triggering and tracking.
Keywords :
RPC , Tracking , Time resolution , trigger , Spatial resolution
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Astroparticle Physics
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