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Myometrial LH/hCG receptors during the estrous cycle and pregnancy in pigs
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Rzucidlo، نويسنده , , S.J. and Weigl، نويسنده , , R.M. and Tilton، نويسنده , , J.E.، نويسنده ,
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روزنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 1998
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Receptors for luteinizing hormone/human chorionic gonadotropin (LH/hCG) have been identified in porcine, rabbit, rat, and human myometrium. To determine the estrous cycle and pregnancy related changes in the receptor capacity and affinity, radioreceptor assays were performed with membrane homogenates of porcine uterine tissues. Cycling gilts were divided into four experimental groups: I (n=6), day 1–2; II (n=5), day 6–7; III (n=5), day 11–12; and IV (n=6), day 18–20 of the estrous cycle. Pregnant pigs were divided into three experimental groups: I (n=5), day 35–40; II (n=5), day 65–70; and III (n=4), day 95–105 of pregnancy. The concentrations [femtomoles/mg protein (fmol/mg protein)] and affinities of unoccupied LH/hCG binding sites were characterized in all samples of myometrium. Receptor concentrations were highest (P<0.01) in groups II and III (19.3±2.5 and 35.8±2.1 fmol/mg protein, respectively), and was lowest in groups I and IV (5.3±1.4 and 7.5±0.7 fmol/mg protein, respectively). Receptor affinity constants (Ka) were consistent (P>0.05) throughout the estrous cycle [I, (5.1±1.5)×109; II, (3.0±0.8)×109; III, (3.2±0.9)×109; IV, 5.5±0.7×109 lm−1]. Plasma hormone concentrations of progesterone, estrogen and LH were typical of values noted at these times. During pregnancy, receptor concentrations were greatest (P<0.05) in group II (85.4±18.5 fmol/mg protein). In groups I and III receptor numbers were 10.8±2.3 and 26.7±6.6 fmol/mg protein, respectively. The Ka in group I was 10 times greater (P<0.05) than Ka in groups II and III, (I, 3.1±0.9×1010 lm−1; II, 3.4±0.3×109 lm−1; III, 3.3±1.1×109 lm−1). Plasma hormone concentrations typically found during pregnancy were noted. The function of these LH/hCG binding sites remains unknown; however, changes in receptor capacity during the estrous cycle and pregnancy support a role for modulation of the receptor by hormonal factors.
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Pig—uterus , Myometrium , estrous cycle , LH/hCG receptors , Pregnancy
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Animal Reproduction Science
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