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Synthesis of an active and stable Ptshell–Pdcore/C catalyst for the electro-oxidation of methanol
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Choi، نويسنده , , Insoo and Ahn، نويسنده , , Sang Hyun and Kim، نويسنده , , Myeong Ho and Kwon، نويسنده , , Oh Joong and Kim، نويسنده , , Jae Jeong، نويسنده ,
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روزنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2014
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A Ptshell–Pdcore/C catalyst is prepared via electroless deposition and galvanic displacement. The catalyst is active toward the electro-oxidation of methanol and is more stable against COad-poisoning than a commercial Pt/C catalyst. The stable activity of Ptshell–Pdcore/C is ascribed to the tuned electronic property of the Pt over-layer in the Ptshell–Pdcore/C, which leads to weak binding with COad and increases the kinetics of OHad formation. The weakened binding property of the surface Pt with COad and the facile oxidation of COad by OHad were confirmed by a spectroscopic analysis and in a COad-stripping experiment, respectively. The electro-oxidation of COad by OHad is the rate-determining step of methanol oxidation. Therefore, the accelerated formation of OHad contributes to the overall oxidation reaction, preventing COad-poisoning. In addition, Ptshell–Pdcore/C maintains its activity longer than Pt/C does during a prolonged cycle experiment.
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Platinumshell–Palladiumcore , Catalyst , Oxidation , Carbon monoxide-poisoning , Direct methanol fuel cell , Methanol
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International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Journal title :
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
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