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Hydration and the phase diagram of acid hydrolyzed potato starch
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Carlstedt، نويسنده , , Jonas and Wojtasz، نويسنده , , Joanna and Fyhr، نويسنده , , Peter and Kocherbitov، نويسنده , , Vitaly، نويسنده ,
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روزنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2014
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We investigated hydration of acid hydrolyzed potato starch (maltodextrin) employing a multi-method approach. In particular, synchrotron radiation X-ray scattering and differential scanning calorimetry were used, and, for the first time, the material was investigated with sorption calorimetry and a newly developed quartz crystal microbalance with humidity scanning. The dry starch was found to be in an amorphous state. During hydration it exhibits a glass transition in both bulk and thin film samples, followed by an exothermic event where the starch crystallized. Recrystallized bulk samples displayed neither a pronounced glass transition nor crystallization upon hydration whereas both events occurred in thin film samples. The hydration-driven crystallization resulted in an X-ray pattern consistent with the coexistence of A and B type crystallites; however, at higher water concentrations only the B form occurred. The results were used to construct the first ever acid hydrolyzed starch–water phase diagram.
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Sorption calorimetry , crystallization , QCM-D , X-Ray scattering , DSC , Glass transition
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