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Liquid chromatography and solid state CP/MAS 13C NMR techniques for chemical compound characterizations of cypress wood Cupressus glauca Lam. exposed to brown- and white-rot fungi
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Okino، نويسنده , , Esmeralda Y.A. and Santana، نويسنده , , Marcos A.E. and Resck، نويسنده , , Inês S. and Alves، نويسنده , , Marcus V. da S. and Falcomer، نويسنده , , Viviane A.S. and Cunha، نويسنده , , Joمo B.M. da and Santos، نويسنده , , Paulo H. de O. dos، نويسنده ,
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روزنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2008
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The main objective of this research was to determine quantitatively the amount of structural sugar polymers (glucan, mannan, and xylan) and acid lignin, after decaying of a conifer wood Cupressus glauca Lam., exposed to brown-rot fungi Gloeophyllum trabeum (Persoon ex Fries) Murril. and Lentinus lepideus Fr. and white-rot fungi Trametes versicolor (Linnaeus ex Fries) Pilat and Ganoderma applanatum (Pers. ex Wallr.) Patouillard. Extractive and ash contents were homogeneous and showed low value. Chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques were important tools for detecting changes in the wood chemical composition. White-rot fungi showed two different class resistances with almost unchanged decay wood constituents. Brown-rot fungi removed the polysaccharides but not lignin. G. trabeum and L. lepideus had similar effects on chemical composition of cypress wood. This cypress wood showed lower mannan contents than xylan.
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Biodegradation , ash , lignin , UV , CP/MAS 13C NMR , fungi , Cypress , HPLC , carbohydrate
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