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Synthesis of new fluorinated synthons: (E and Z) ClFCCFI and (E and Z) BrFCCFI
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Lim، نويسنده , , Chongsoo and Wesolowski، نويسنده , , Craig A. and Burton، نويسنده , , Donald J.، نويسنده ,
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روزنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2014
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(E)- and (Z)-1,2-difluoro-1-(trimethylsilyl)ethenes are readily prepared from trifluorovinyl(trimethyl)silane. These hydro compounds are readily metalated at low temperatures to give a stable lithium intermediate which can be captured by tri-n-butylstannyl chloride to give (E)- and (Z)-1,2-difluoro-2-trimethylsilyl-1-(tri-n-butylstannyl)ethenes. The stannyl derivatives can be halogenated stereospecifically with iodobenzene dichloride and NBS to provide the (E)- and (Z)-1-halo-1,2-difluoro-2-(trimethylsilyl)ethenes. The vinylsilanes can be readily converted in two steps to the titled synthons, (E)- and (Z)-2-halo-1,2-difluoro-1-iodoethenes by literature procedures. (E)- and (Z)-1,2-difluoro-1-(trimethylsilyl)ethenes boil ∼30 °C apart and are readily separated by fractional distillation.
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2-difluoro-1-(trimethylsilyl)ethene , 2-difluoro-1-iodoethene , 2-difluoro-1-iodoethene , 1 , (Z) and (E)-2-chloro-1 , (Z) and (E)-2-bromo-1 , 2-Difluoro-2-trimethylsilyl-1-(tri-n-butylstannyl)ethene , Iodobenzene dichloride , (E) and (Z)-1
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Journal of Fluorine Chemistry
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