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Combined cation-exchange and extraction chromatographic method of pre-concentration and concomitant separation of Cu(II) with high molecular mass liquid cation exchanger after its online detection
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Mandal، نويسنده , , B. and Roy، نويسنده , , U.S. and Datta، نويسنده , , D. and Ghosh، نويسنده , , N.، نويسنده ,
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روزنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2011
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A selective method has been developed for the extraction chromatographic trace level separation of Cu(II) with Versatic 10 (liquid cation exchanger) coated on silanised silica gel (SSG-V10). Cu(II) has been extracted from 0.1 M acetate buffer at the range of pH 4.0–5.5. The effects of foreign ions, pH, flow-rate, stripping agents on extraction and elution have been investigated. Exchange capacity of the prepared exchanger at different temperatures with respect to Cu(II) has been determined. The extraction equilibrium constant (Kex) and different standard thermodynamic parameters have also been calculated by temperature variation method. Positive value of ΔH (7.98 kJ mol−1) and ΔS (0.1916 kJ mol−1) and negative value of ΔG (−49.16 kJ mol−1) indicated that the process was endothermic, entropy gaining and spontaneous. Preconcentration factor was optimized at 74.7 ± 0.2 and the desorption constants Kdesorption1(1.4 × 10−2) and Kdesorption2(9.8 × 10−2) were determined. The effect of pH on Rf values in ion exchange paper chromatography has been investigated. In order to investigate the sorption isotherm, two equilibrium models, the Freundlich and Langmuir isotherms, were analyzed. Cu(II) has been separated from synthetic binary and multi-component mixtures containing various metal ions associated with it in ores and alloy samples. The method effectively permits sequential separation of Cu(II) from synthetic quaternary mixture containing its congeners Bi(III), Sn(II), Hg(II) and Cu(II), Cd(II), Pb(II) of same analytical group. The method was found effective for the selective detection, removal and recovery of Cu(II) from industrial waste and standard alloy samples following its preconcentration on the column. A plausible mechanism for the extraction of Cu(II) has been suggested.
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Separation of Cu(II) , Solid phase extraction , Preconcentration , Versatic 10 , sorption isotherm , Selective detection
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Journal of Chromatography A
Journal title :
Journal of Chromatography A
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