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Haematological parameters are normal in dominant white Franches–Montagnes horses carrying a KIT mutation
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Haase، نويسنده , , Bianca and Obexer-Ruff، نويسنده , , Gabriela and Dolf، نويسنده , , Gaudenz and Rieder، نويسنده , , Stefan and Burger، نويسنده , , Dominik and Poncet، نويسنده , , Pierre-André and Gerber، نويسنده , , Vincent and Howard، نويسنده , , Judith and Leeb، نويسنده , , Tosso، نويسنده ,
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فصلنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2010
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The KIT receptor protein–tyrosine kinase plays an important role during embryonic development. Activation of KIT is crucial for the development of various cell lineages such as melanoblasts, stem cells of the haematopoietic system, spermatogonia and intestinal cells of Cajal. In mice, many mutations in the Kit gene cause pigmentation disorders accompanied by pleiotropic effects on blood cells and male fertility. Previous work has demonstrated that dominant white Franches–Montagnes horses carry one copy of the KIT gene with the p.Y717X mutation. The targeted breeding of white horses would be ethically questionable if white horses were known to suffer from anaemia or leukopenia. The present study demonstrates that no statistically significant differences in peripheral blood parameters are detectable between dominant white and solid-coloured Franches–Montagnes horses. The data indicate that KIT mutations may have different effects in mice, pigs, and horses. The KIT p.Y717X mutation does not have a major negative effect on the haematopoietic system of dominant white horses.
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Franches–Montagnes , coat colour , Kit , haematology , Horse , Mutation
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The Veterinary Journal
Journal title :
The Veterinary Journal
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