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Analysis of potential waterhammer at the Ignalina NPP using thermal-hydraulic and structural analysis codes
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Uspuras، E. نويسنده , , Kaliatka، A. نويسنده , , Dundulis، G. نويسنده ,
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دوهفته نامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2001
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The RBMK (Russian acronym for ʹchanneled large power reactorʹ)-1500 reactors at the Ignalina nuclear power plant (NPP) have a series of check valves in the main circulation circuit (MCC) that serve the coolant distribution in the fuel channels. In the case of a hypothetical guillotine break of pipelines upstream of the group distribution headers (GDH), the check valves and adjusted piping integrity is a key issue for the reactor safety during the rapid closure of check valve. An analysis of the waterhammer effect (i.e. the pressure pulse generated by the valves slamming closed) is needed. The thermal-hydraulic and structural analysis of waterhammer effects following the guillotine break of pipelines at the Ignalina NPP with RBMK-1500 reactors was conducted by employing the RELAP5 and PipePlus codes. Results of the analysis demonstrated that the maximum values of the pressure pulses generated by the check valve closure following the hypothetical accidents remain far below the value of pressure of the hydraulic tests, which are performed at the NPP and the risk of failure of the check valves or associated pipelines is low. Sensitivity analysis of pressure pulse dependencies on calculation time step and check valve closure time was performed. Results of RELAP5 calculations are benchmarked against waterhammer transient data obtained by employing structural mechanics code BOS fluids.
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Hippocampus , Synaptic plasticity , NMDA receptor , AMPA receptor , Fluctuations
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Nuclear Engineering and Design
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