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Crystal structure and magnetic properties of Co2TeO3Cl2 and Co2TeO3Br2
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Richard Becker ، نويسنده , , Helmuth Berger، نويسنده , , Mats Johnsson، نويسنده , , Mladen Prester، نويسنده , , Zeljko Marohnic، نويسنده , , Marko Miljak، نويسنده , , Mirta Herak، نويسنده ,
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روزنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2006
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The crystal structures of the two new synthetic compounds Co2TeO3Cl2 and Co2TeO3Br2 are described together with their magnetic properties. Co2TeO3Cl2 crystallize in the monoclinic space group P21/m with unit cell parameters a=5.0472(6) Å, b=6.6325(9) Å, c=8.3452(10) Å, β=105.43(1)°, Z=2. Co2TeO3Br2 crystallize in the orthorhombic space group Pccn with unit cell parameters a=10.5180(7) Å, b=15.8629(9) Å, c=7.7732(5) Å, Z=8. The crystal structures were solved from single crystal data, R=0.0328 and 0.0412, respectively. Both compounds are layered with only weak interactions in between the layers. The compound Co2TeO3Cl2 has [CoO4Cl2] and [CoO3Cl3] octahedra while Co2TeO3Br2 has [CoO2Br2] tetrahedra and [CoO4Br2] octahedra. The Te(IV) atoms are tetrahedrally [TeO3E] coordinated in both compounds taking the 5s2 lone electron pair E into account. The magnetic properties of the compounds are characterized predominantly by long-range antiferromagnetic ordering below 30 K.
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Magnetic order , Antiferromagnetic , Oxohalogenide , Layered crystal structure , Stereochemically active lone electron pair
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