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para-substituted N-Nitroso-N-oxybenzenamine ammonium salts: a new class of redox-sensitive nitric oxide releasing compounds Original Research Article
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Andrea D McGill، نويسنده , , Wei Zhang، نويسنده , , Joanne Wittbrodt، نويسنده , , Jianqiang Wang، نويسنده , , H.Bernhard Schlegel، نويسنده , , Peng George Wang، نويسنده ,
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روزنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2000
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N-Nitroso-N-oxybenzenamine ammonium salts with -OMe, -Me, -H, -F, -Cl, -CF3, and -SO2Me substituents at the para position of the phenyl ring constitute a new class of-redox sensitive nitric oxide (NO) releasing compounds. These compounds yield nitric oxide and the corresponding nitrosobenzene derivatives by a spontaneous dissociation mechanism after undergoing a one electron oxidation. Oxidation of these compounds can be achieved through chemical, electrochemical and enzymatic methods. It was observed electrochemically that the amount of NO generated was dependent on the substituent effect and the applied oxidation potential. Electron-withdrawing substituents increase the oxidation potential of the compound. A linear correlation was observed when the peak potentials for the oxidation were graphed versus the Hammett substituent constant. Density functional theory calculations were also performed on this series of compounds. The theoretical oxidation energies of the corresponding anions show a strong linear correlation with the experimental potentials. Furthermore, enzymatic oxidation using horseradish peroxidase showed a similar substituent effect. These results indicate that substitution at the para position of the phenyl ring has a profound effect on the stability, oxidation potential and enzymatic kinetic properties of the compounds. Thus para-substituted N-nitroso-N-oxybenzenamine salts comprise a new class of redox-sensitive nitric oxide releasing agents.
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N-nitroso compound , N-nitroso-N-oxybenzenamine ammonium salt , NO release , nitric oxide
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Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry
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