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Reduced expression of SIRT1 is associated with diminished glucose-induced insulin secretion in islets from calorie-restricted rats
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Maria Esméria Corezola do Amaral، نويسنده , , Mirian Ueno، نويسنده , , Camila A.M. Oliveira، نويسنده , , Nat?lia C. Borsonello، نويسنده , , Emerielle C. Vanzela، نويسنده , , Rosane A. Ribeiro، نويسنده , , Patricia L. Alves، نويسنده , , Helena C. Barbosa، نويسنده , , Everardo M. Carneiro، نويسنده , , Antonio C. Boschero، نويسنده ,
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روزنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2011
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Alterations in food intake such as caloric restriction modulate the expression of SIRT1 and SIRT4 proteins that are involved in pancreatic β-cell function. Here, we search for a possible relationship between insulin secretion and the expression of SIRT1, SIRT4, PKC and PKA in islets from adult rats submitted to CR for 21 days. Rats were fed with an isocaloric diet (CTL) or received 60% (CR) of the food ingested by CTL. The dose–response curve of insulin secretion to glucose was shifted to the right in the CR compared with CTL islets (EC50 of 15.1±0.17 and 10.5±0.11 mmol/L glucose). Insulin release by the depolarizing agents arginine and KCl was reduced in CR compared with CTL islets. Total islet insulin content and glucose oxidation were also reduced in CR islets. Leucine-stimulated secretion was similar in both groups, slightly reduced in CR islets stimulated by leucine plus glutamine but higher in CR islets stimulated by ketoisocaproate (KIC). Insulin secretion was also higher in CR islets stimulated by carbachol, compared with CTL islets. No differences in the rise of cytosolic Ca2+ concentrations stimulated by either glucose or KCl were observed between groups of islets. Finally, SIRT1, but not SIRT4, protein expression was lower in CR compared with CTL islets, whereas no differences in the expression of PKC and PKA proteins were observed. In conclusion, the lower insulin secretion in islets from CR rats was, at least in part, due to an imbalance between the expression of SIRT1 and SIRT4.
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Caloric restriction , Insulin secretion , SIRT1 , SIRT4
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The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry
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