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Systematic study of Coulomb barrier of reactions induced by loosely bound projectiles using proximity potential
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C.K. Phookan، نويسنده , , K. Kalita، نويسنده ,
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دوهفته نامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2013
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Using eight different versions of the nuclear potential, we have calculated the height and position of the Coulomb barrier for reactions induced by loosely bound projectiles, 6Li, 7Li and 9Be. A total of 13 reactions have been studied and by comparing the results with the empirical values, we found the prediction of all the potentials quite satisfactory as they could reproduce the empirical values within 5% on average. The potentials Bass 80, BW 91 and AW 95 can determine the experimental barrier within image on average. For the reaction 6Li + 152Sm the deviations from the empirical values are unusually large. On applying the correction of the Coulomb potential for the deformed target 152Sm the new values obtained are found to be closer to the empirical values. Applying Wongʼs formula the fusion cross-sections for four reactions are compared with the results of single BPM. The fittings of the fusion cross-section for the potentials of CW 76, BW 91 and Bass 80 are better than the rest.
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Fusion cross-section , Loosely bound nuclei , Wong?s formula , Barrier penetration model , Proximity potential
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Nuclear physics A
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