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Observation of β decay of 115In to the first excited level of 115Sn Original Research Article
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C.M. Cattadori، نويسنده , , M. De Deo، نويسنده , , M. Laubenstein، نويسنده , , L. Pandola، نويسنده , , V.I. Tretyak، نويسنده ,
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هفته نامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2005
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In the context of the LENS R&D solar neutrino project, the γ spectrum of a sample of metallic indium was measured using a single experimental setup of 4 HP-Ge detectors located underground at the Gran Sasso National Laboratories (LNGS), Italy. A γ line at the energy (497.48±0.21) keV was found that is not present in the background spectrum and that can be identified as a γ quantum following the β decay of 115In to the first excited state of 115Sn (+(9/2)→+(3/2)). This decay channel of 115In, which is reported here for the first time, has an extremely low Qβ-value, Qβ=(2±4) keV, and has a much lower probability than the well-known ground state-ground state transition, being the branching ratio b=(1.18±0.31)×10−6. This could be the β decay with the lowest known Qβ-value. The limit on charge nonconserving β decay of 115In is set at 90% C.L. as τCNC>4.1×1020 yr.
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I ? , deduced , branching ratio and Q? for decay to excited level , limit on charge-nonconserving decay , 115Sn level , ?-feeding intensity , 115In (?±) , Measured , Radioactivity , ?-delayed E ? , deduced energy
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Nuclear physics A
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