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A novel chitosan derivative to immobilize α-L-rhamnopyranosidase from Aspergillus niger for application in beverage technologies
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Giovanni Spagna، نويسنده , , Riccardo N. Barbagallo، نويسنده , , Daniele Casarini، نويسنده , , Pier Giorgio Pifferi، نويسنده ,
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روزنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2001
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α-L-rhamnopyranosidase (Rha, EC is an enzyme of considerable importance to food technology in increasing the aroma of wines, musts, fruit juices and other beverages. The aim of this research is the immobilization of the Rha contained in a commercial preparation already used in the winemaking industry and purified in the manner described in a previous study . The immobilization supports tested were chitin, chitosan and derivatized chitosan, diethylaminoethyl chitosan (DE-chitosan) never previously used for this type of application. Particularly, on DE-chitosan, the Rha was adsorbed and cross-linked with various bifunctional agents (glutaraldehyde, diepoxyoctane, suberimidate and carbodiimide), whose best results (immobilization yields and activity) were obtained with carbodiimide (EDC) that allowed a reduction in the involvement of the enzyme amine groups that are probably important in catalytic mechanism. In addition, the use of rhamnose and a succinimide (NHS) during cross-linking enhanced the action of the EDC and so increased the immobilization yield and activity. The immobilized Rha retained the kinetic parameters (Km and Vmax) of the free enzyme and increased stability. Moreover, this biocatalyst allowed an increase in the aroma in a model wine solution containing glicosidic precursors with a marked reduction in specificity toward tertiary monoterpenols as compared to the free enzyme.
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Wine aromatization , ?-l-rhamnopyranosidase (Rha) , Enzyme immobilization , Chitosan derivative
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Enzyme and Microbial Technology
Journal title :
Enzyme and Microbial Technology
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