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The influence of Pd–Ag catalyst restructuring on the activation energy for ethylene hydrogenation in ethylene–acetylene mixtures Original Research Article
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Hugo Zea، نويسنده , , Kelvin Lester، نويسنده , , Abhaya K. Datye، نويسنده , , Ed Rightor، نويسنده , , Robert Gulotty، نويسنده , , Wendy Waterman، نويسنده , , Michael Smith، نويسنده ,
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روزنامه با شماره پیاپی سال 2005
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Hydrogenation of acetylene–ethylene mixtures was studied on Pd/SiO2 and Pd–Ag/SiO2 under conditions that correspond to “front-end” hydrogenation of acetylene. The presence of excess H2 under “front-end” hydrogenation conditions can lead to thermal runaway due to the exothermic reaction of ethylene and H2. In previous work, we found that activation energy was sensitive to catalyst pretreatment: high temperature treatment in H2 leading to lower apparent activation energy, while pretreatment under oxidizing conditions leading to higher activation energies for ethylene hydrogenation. Since ethylene hydrogenation is a known structure-insensitive reaction, it was puzzling that the apparent activation energy should be so sensitive to catalyst pretreatment. As we show in this work, the presence of co-adsorbed CO (which is present during “front-end” hydrogenation), and changes in the surface structure of Pd–Ag surfaces together modify the apparent activation energy for ethylene hydrogenation. In situ infrared spectroscopy of adsorbed carbon monoxide reveals how the presence of Ag modifies the proportion of bridged and linearly bound CO on Pd/SiO2. High temperature reduction further modifies the ratio of bridged to linear CO on Pd–Ag surfaces. Since CO in bridged form is bound more strongly than linearly bound CO, this shift in adsorption geometry modifies the apparent activation energy for ethylene hydrogenation. This work describes how restructuring of bimetallic Pd–Ag surfaces and the presence of a co-adsorbed CO, work together to alter the reaction behavior of an industrially significant selective hydrogenation reaction.
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Ethylene hydrogenation , Activation energy , Pd–Ag bimetallic catalysts , In situ IR of adbsorbed CO , Catalyst restructuring of Pd–Ag
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Applied Catalysis A:General
Journal title :
Applied Catalysis A:General
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